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A Venue With a Story

winston-salem weddingsWeddings are all about history. From the histories of two families becoming a shared history to the bride and groom’s history as a couple, history is all over the place. So what better place to celebrate history than the oldest hotel in North Carolina? In terms of Winston-Salem weddings and venues, this was one of a kind. The Historic Brookstown Inn has been around since 1837, hangin’ out right near Old Salem. And if it could tell it’s tales, it would definitely have something to say about this wedding.

Everything got kicked off with a gorgeous ceremony that definitely celebrated the aesthetic of this Winston-Salem venue. When weddings start with Pachelbel, you know they’re going to be awesome.

One of the big things we’ve learned being in this industry is the importance of vendor cohesion. What makes a wedding great is when all the vendors are able to work together flawlessly. But a lesser known factor that can make a great wedding even better is vendors not only working together, but celebrating each other’s strengths. Which is without a doubt what was happening here.

The talents of every other vendor here came together and brought out the best in each of us. The food, the flowers, and even the music all fit the vibe of the venue perfectly for ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. But after dinner… that’s when it was time for us to really shine.

“Nothing but great things to say about Dow Oak Events! The Djs were on time, prepared and so friendly! Everything honestly went perfect. We were a little nervous that no one would want to dance… but so happy that everyone did. Thank you thank you thank you Dow Oak Events!”

Our Time to Shine

winston-salem weddingsSpeaking of shining, not only did we have our insanely cool dance floor lighting, we were also providing the uplighting. The pictures do it some justice, but when uplighting works, it works. And that’s something you have to be there to see. This gorgeous historic venue became the site for the party of the century. And what made that possible was the way the lighting, the music, and the guests all came together.

We were able to dip into our repertoire of the best reception dancing music, but we also had a ton of awesome requests from the bride and groom to mix in. And oh… we mixed.

From Copperhead Road and the Bikers Shuffle to AC/DC and Meat Loaf, it was nothing but hit after hit. And with a dancin’ crowd, that’s a key ingredient for a good time.

We were so pleased to have been invited to be a part of this celebration. It’s always a good time to be a part of history! We love Winston-Salem weddings and definitely had a great time with this one in particular. And also, our best to the Browns in continuing their history together!



Vendor Team

The Historic Brookstown Inn

Wedding Coordinator
Evelyn DeLong
(336) 575-6441

Brookelyn Riley Photography

Dow Oak Events

Dylan Harris with 3G Productions



Final Thoughts

And as a final note, we just need to say… We absolutely love what we do. And meeting new people and being a part of the personal touches they add to their wedding celebrations is why we do it. We loved being invited to be a part of this celebration. It’s always awesome to see how couples choose to celebrate.

We’ve learned that being a wedding DJ in Winston isn’t just about playing music. So we take our role seriously. Facilitating such a big day is a serious job! That’s why we always give every wedding or event our all. From Winston-Salem weddings to weddings anywhere else in NC and beyond.



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