Why Dow Oak

Why Go With Dow Oak Events?

When you go with Dow Oak Events, you’re going with one of North Carolina’s fastest growing, most affordable, and best-reviewed professional wedding DJ companies.


A Little About Us

Though we got our start in Greensboro and the Triad of NC, we’ve grown rapidly. We’re now bringing the party across the state, and no where is too far. Whether we’re taking a short trip to one of our favorite local Greensboro venues or packing up to head to Asheville, we’re down.

We’ve also gotten what we do down to a science. We weren’t happy with the typical handling of wedding DJ booking and planning. So, our obsession with finding the best and most efficient ways of doing things (combined with a passion for DJing in general) lead to us to create our own booking and planning system. We threw out the typical vendor playbook and went at it our own way.

We get there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. You want it to be right, after all. And being in the wedding business this long, that’s definitely something we get. A wedding isn’t just a fancy party. It’s a celebration of two people and families coming together. And it’s the result of your vision and planning.

So we want it to be how you want it to be. It’s really that simple.

On that note, let’s take a look at the different services we bring to the table.


Experiencenorth carolina wedding djs

We’re not just one professional. We’re a team of professionals. All dedicated to a single goal: making weddings awesome.

Every single DJ with Dow Oak Events is amazing. Those 9 words pretty much sum it up, but in case you’re still unconvinced, consider:


Every Dow Oak DJ is:

  • A full-time, professional wedding DJ. No one here is moonlighting by doing weddings. And no day-jobs are competing for their attention.
  • Skilled at mixing and beatmatching music. This isn’t like hitting play on a phone playlist. This is individually choosing every song to match the beat, feel, and key progression of the song before it. And doing all that while reading the vibe of the dancefloor.
  • 100% digital. No dusty vinyls or exposed audio equipment. While there is undeniably a certain nostalgic appeal to the crackle, skips, and unpredictability of a vinyl record, we went a different route. No gimmicks, just amazing sound quality. Top of the line audio and mixing equipment combined with high quality recordings of each and every song to produce the absolute best atmosphere.
  • Skilled and experienced. No amount of knowledge or talent can make up for genuine, on-the-spot experience. Which is another department we excel in. We hire DJs for a trial period sometimes lasting up to half a year before we even consider letting them run the show at a wedding of their own. It’s important to us that you have a skilled, trained professional at your wedding. No exceptions.



A wedding is a serious occasion. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for laughing, partying, and fun. And that’s also something we get.

It’s important to strike a balance between the more serious parts of a wedding and the lighter-hearted ones. It’s all about creating the right vibe.

Everyone is different. So every wedding is different. And we want it to be exactly how you envision it. Be it a serious ceremony followed by a 10/10 rager party reception to a low-key wedding from start to finish, we want to create that for you.


All of our DJs:

  • Are trained and skilled MCs. We’ve not only mastered DJing, we’ve also mastered the art of event hosting. All our DJs are trained public speakers and event hosts. There’s absolutely no risk you’ll have someone who’s awkward and uncomfortable on the mic while making announcements or keeping things moving.
  • Are trained and experienced wedding DJs. Meaning there’s no risk your DJ will show up in a t-shirt and treat the whole day like a night at the club. Our DJs aren’t club DJs who occasionally do weddings.
  • Understand how to create that ideal wedding atmosphere: accenting the seriousness of a ceremony without it becoming somber and organically creating an awesome celebration for the reception after.



cadillac ranch dow oakWe’re NC natives. So we’re familiar with all the bells and whistles of Southern and North Carolina weddings. It also means we’ve been around.

While we got our start in Greensboro and the Triad, we’ve expanded far beyond. From Wilmington to Asheville, and even southern Virginia to South Carolina, we’ve been all over the region.

We’ve hosted hundreds of weddings and other celebrations over the last few years. Meaning we’ve been able to revisit venues and form connections and friendships with other local vendors.

On your big day, all us vendors are working together to achieve the same goal: to make the day as awesome and memorable as possible. So it’s important that the whole vendor team be a well-oiled machine.


To achieve that, we:

  • Network and always make a point of reaching out to other vendors
  • Attend wedding expos, DJ conventions, and bridal shows to stay as up to date as possible on wedding and music trends in NC (and across the country)
  • Make a point to familiarize ourselves as much as we can with all the venues we frequent so we can make sure our performance is as stellar as possible


What We Guarantee

mike micciche summerfield nc reception 

Full Time Support

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. With so much going on behind the scenes and so many moving parts, who do you turn to for answers to your questions? Why, your friendly DJ, of course!

This isn’t a part-time gig or a night job for us. So we have a full-time staff ready and willing to answer any and all questions. From planning the best spot for the dance floor to picking first dance songs, we got you.


Backup DJ

In the (very unlikely) event something were to go wrong, it’s comforting to know there are systems in place to make sure things still go roughly according to plan. That’s why we guarantee backups for everything. From the gear to the DJ him or herself.

We’ve never had a Dow Oak DJ not show up to a wedding. It just hasn’t happened. And with all our systems in place, it never will.


Full Liability Insurance

Here’s where the amateurs are separated from the pros. Virtually every venue requires that the DJ be completely insured. And we didn’t even think the basic insurance coverage was enough, so we’re 100% covered for everything possible.


And of course, full-time professional wedding DJs

With Dow Oak Events, you’re absolutely guaranteed a full-time, professional wedding DJ who’s only focus that day will be you. All our DJs only perform at one wedding per day, no exceptions. You’re the focus of your day, and your day will be the focus of our DJs. No one-foot-out-the-door DJs trying to cram as many events possible into a single weekend. And no weekend warriors thinking about that office meeting they have on Monday. Total focus, guaranteed.


Awards and Recognition

We’re proud of our methods. We want to be the absolute best, and we’re always working towards that goal.

Working towards being the best is a never-ending process, but we have had some recognition along the way:

dj awards and groups


  • The Knot “Best of Weddings” 2018 Pick
  • The Knot “Best of Weddings” 2019 Pick
  • The Knot “Best of Weddings” 2020 Pick
  • Weddingwire “Couples’ Choice Award” 2018
  • Weddingwire “Couples’ Choice Award” 2019
  • Weddingwire “Couples’ Choice Award” 2020
  • Threebestrated “Best Business of 2018”
  • Threebestrated “Best Business of 2019”
  • Threebestrated “Best Business of 2020”



We also network with all the other wedding vendors in our area to build connections to provide better and better experiences for all our couples.


And just to make sure we’re on top of our game, we attend seminars and workshops across the country annually. From Las Vegas to Minneapolis to Charlotte, we’re always on the move trying to learn and improve ourselves in any way possible.


So… Why Dow Oak Events?

If you’re thinking, “yeah, all that sounds nice, but I’m still unconvinced,” just consider:

  • We offer services literally no other company does. We created our system from scratch to be the easiest and most efficient booking and planning process out there.
  • We only hire the very best. No contract labor and no un- or under-trained DJs. Full-time, talented professionals who love music and creating celebrations
  • Full-time office staff for any planning or coordinating questions
  • Most affordable
  • The easiest booking and planning system (seriously, it’s so good we put it on here twice)



Have more unanswered questions? Let us help!

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