‘Always go the extra mile’ is Tammy’s philosophy at Tammy Koenig Wedding Design & Event Planning! We’ve seen her dedication to that philosophy up close and personal, and we know first hand what a difference it can make to have Tammy on your team, and how much ease it will bring to your big day!

It really all started 18 years ago, when Tammy started a part time position working for a catering company in the High Point North Carolina area. Within 2 weeks she was offered a full time position and was truly on her way towards finding her passion! She found wedding and event planning, and the rest, as they say, is history! Tammy now has over 18 years of event experience under her belt. With all that experience she can handle anything that comes her way, and she knows that every little bit of planning is worth it when she sees the big smiles on her clients faces!

A Little, a Lot, or Anything in Between

At Tammy Koenig Wedding Design & Event Planning, Tammy can help you make sure that everything goes as planned. Whether that means a little help ironing out a few details, coming up with last minute wedding vendors, solidifying your design concept, or guiding you every step of the way, she’s got you covered! Also, we’ve heard through the grapevine that Tammy is also a top-notch florist, so if your vision includes an abundance of blooms, you know you’ll be getting the very best! 

Something a Little Different

When it comes to weddings we’ve really seen it all, but we’re continually impressed by Tammy and the unique vibes and experiences she brings to the events she’s a part of. 

We’ve seen her hire caricature artists for wedding receptions, so that everyone has a work of art to remember the day! We’ve seen her hire rolled ice cream vendors to entertain guests in between the ceremony and reception, a truly delicious idea if you ask us!   We’ve seen her create amazing natural centerpieces that your guests can later disassemble to take home as wedding favors!

She can create these fun experiences, in part, by having an extensive network of relationships with event vendors that she has built over her long time in the industry. Tammy leverages those relationships, to your benefit, to give you the truly exceptional wedding you and your sweetheart deserve! Because, though the wedding and event industry might seem large, it’s also very connected and runs very much on word of mouth, so those with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity tend to rise to the top! And, in our opinion Tammy belongs at the top! If you hire her for your big day, her confidence, thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail will carry you through!