Center City is like a city within a city, that includes Philadelphia‘s’ busiest and most densely packed cultural, historical and entertaining neighborhoods, including Old City and Society Hill, as well as many tourist attractions, on Independence Mall and elsewhere. 

To break it down further, Center City encompasses the area between the Delaware river and the Schuylkill river to both the east and west, and Spring Garden Street to South Street to the north and south. However, some locals prefer to narrow its boundaries even further, from a district to a neighborhood – one that’s centered around City Hall, LOVE Park and the city’s corporate corridor along Market Street. Whatever your definition, Center City Philadelphia, PA is a great place for a wedding, chock full of historic venues and amazing photo ops!

Here are a few of our favorite venues in the Center City Philadelphia, PA area:

Stotesbury Mansion

Built in 1870 as a wedding present for Henry McKean, the Stotesbury Mansion is a grand Philadelphia landmark, with a long history, and is in fact registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion includes a Georgian ballroom that was originally in Lord Joseph Duveens’ manor in England, crystal Louis XV period chandeliers, a 14th Century Italian marble fireplace, gold ceiling panels, and Corinthian marble columns! The mansion has been opened up by Philopatrians  to outside events since 1992, so you too can add your love story to the grand history of this stunning Philly landmark! Some of the other impressive features are the Dolly Madison room, the Billiards room, the Mirror room, the gorgeous Bridal Suite, the Library, the Grand Foyer and of course the impressive exterior. It’s a truly spectacular venue, but don’t take our word for it! Check it out for yourself!

The Arts Ballroom, at The Old Hotel Sylvania

The Arts Ballroom is located at what was originally, The Hotel Sylvania. The hotel was built in 1923 and was one of the first high-rise French inspired hotels in Philadelphia. At the time it opened, it was the second largest hotel in the city, and quickly became a popular destination for members of Philly’s organized crime families. Over the years it has undergone numerous reimagining’s, landing in its current state after a 2008 renovation by the world renowned Spector Design Company, out of New York. The Arts Ballroom perfectly captures the opulence of the bygone area of its origins, with a magnificent Grand Ballroom, signature granite staircase, the mirrored Sylvania Room, and both a Lounge & Mezzanine overlooking the entire venue. Their fully customizable 10,000 square foot space lends itself to anything from seated dinners for 100, to cocktail receptions of up to 500 guests! The venue can also host your wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, and even anniversary dinners, if you want to recreate some of the magic of your wedding in the intervening years. 

Cescaphe Ballroom

The Cescaphe Ballroom is one of 6 wedding venues managed and orchestrated by Cescaphe (The Company), which coordinates 1,000 weddings annually at the Cescaphe Ballroom, Tendenza, Vie, Down Town Club, Water Works and The Lucy. An impressive portfolio if you ask us! And, since you did, let us show you why!

The Cescaphe Ballroom was once a beautifully ornate theater straight from the golden age of cinema! The Ballroom has now been transformed by Cescaphe into what is truly one of the city’s most spectacular wedding destinations. The venue boasts Cathedral ceilings,  antiqued brass hardware, chandeliers draped in pearls, classic painted columns, and a floor-to-ceiling bar. The venue also includes three separate cocktail spaces: the Garden Courtyard, the Lounge, and the Main Cocktail room. But, there’s truly too much to include in this article! If you’re intrigued, check out The Cescaphe Ballroom for yourself!