To tell you about Nantahala, we’ll first need to tell you a little about its origins. The Nantahala Story begins when the owners Jody and Stephen Hafey moved from Germany to the US. 

The future venue owners then ventured to North Carolina for a late-fall trip and discovered Nantahala National Forest, and the land that would soon become Nantahala Weddings and Events. Finding the property was like finding a hidden and undiscovered gem, in fact, it was hard to believe it hadn’t already been scooped up! The land was so quiet, that Jody and Stephen initially wondered if it was a maybe little too quiet, but the moment they saw the view from what would become the “Chapel in the Sky” ceremony venue, they knew they’d found their new home. 

And, it was after the success of their first wedding on the property – which was also their Daughter’s wedding – 6 years ago, that they went about developing their property into a full blown destination wedding venue. Because they want every couple that comes through their venue to start their marriage with the clean mountain air and good vibes that their daughter still feels when she revisits her wedding photos today, so they’d be absolutely honored to share their magical property with you too!

The word “Nantahala” is in fact of Cherokee origin, and it means “Land of the Noonday Sun.” The reason is that in some spots, the sun only reaches the floors of the deep gorges of lush forests only when it is right overhead at midday. And, Nantahala National Forest and the land where Nantahala Weddings and Events sits, is part of the homeland and traditional territories of the historic Cherokee and their ancestors, who have occupied the region for thousands of years. But, now we’re happy to know that the land is being preserved in a way that will allow future generations to experience the same wonder that the Cherokee people felt so many years ago. That means that moving into the future, most of Lake Nantahala’s 29 miles of shoreline is National Forest, which is protected from development, so the Nantahala Wedding and Events view and the crystal clear water will never change!

Now, with all of that in mind, and the fact that Nantahala Weddings and Events specializes in unforgettable multi-day celebrations that capitalize on the splendor of Nantahala’s natural beauty; while still allowing you to bring your own unique style, we can hardly think of a better place to tie the knot in North Carolina! And, if you’re coming from out of state, Nantahala is in close proximity to major urban centers in 4 states! So whether you’re coming from Asheville NC, Atlanta GA, Greenville SC, or Knoxville TN, you won’t have to travel too far to experience the pristine nature of the Nantahala National Forest area! 

Another huge plus of booking your event at Nantahala is that the venue has no noise restrictions and no mandatory reception end time, meaning the end of the party is between you and your DJ! And, the icing on the cake is that pets are welcome, including in lodging! And, speaking of lodging, there is room to lodge 14 people at the resort, including 4 adorable tiny homes, which are available for booking by your wedding guests. There are also a great deal of cabins and properties for rent close to the venue, many within walking distance, and Jody and Stephen have taken time to compile a list for you to peruse. 

And, if you love to swim, Jody and Stephen assure us that with the temperate weather of the Nantahala National Forest region, there’s gorgeous swimming for 6 straight months!