Quintessential Charleston Charm

We believe that hosting events at historic sites allows us to embrace the complicated history of the area’s cotton plantations, while being an active participant in their future.Old mixed with new… What’s more Charleston than that?

A Little History Lesson

The Legare Waring House itself has humble beginnings as a modest overseer’s dwelling that was constructed in the mid-19th century. The specific date of its construction is still unknown, but most evidence suggests it was built around 1840. At that time the property was part of Old Town, a local sea-island cotton plantation; However, the main house was burnt down during the civil war, making the Legare Waring House the principal residence on the property.

By the 1930’s the house had fallen into great disrepair, and the surrounding property was  mostly a tangle of vines and weeds. At that time Ferdi Backer (soon to be Ferdi Waring)  made reclaiming Old Town one of her life’s many ambitions. So, beginning in the 1930s, she and her husband, Dr. Joseph I. Waring, undertook a massive redesign project that would continue on for decades. Not content to simply restore the house, Ferdi also completely revitalized the grounds. She is responsible for the formal live-oak avenue leading up to the house, as well as planting thousands of azaleas and camellias! When all was said and done, she established 80 acres of picturesque gardens, including the freshwater lagoons behind the house today. 

With so many stunning spots to choose from,  your photographer will thank you for hosting your wedding at the Legare Waring House, you can be certain of that!

A Venue With so Much to Offer

With room for up to 200 guests hosted inside and out, a massive fountain patio that can be used open air or tented in two different sizes (using dedicated tent rigging points), 4 bridal suites with private bathrooms, an entire 2-storey Groomsmans’ wing complete with a dressing room, private bathroom and gentlemens’ lounge, a large in-house catering kitchen, a screened-in porch, gorgeous double lagoons, and 3 different ceremony locations, the Legare Waring House really delivers. 

Logistics are Important

Last but not least. Logistics aren’t the fun part of an event, but they are an important one. With that in mind, here are a few more things that we personally appreciate about the Legare Waring House: The vendor access road behind the house, the ample parking available along with shuttle service for transporting guests to the property from the parking location, the 6 20-amp circuits available outside and the 6 additional 20-amp circuits inside. Trust us… your DJ and the rest of your vendors will be thrilled! There’s so much going on on your big day, the last thing you want to worry about is ample power for all of your vendors!