In the beautiful forests of Chapel Hill sits a venue called Lavender Oaks. Two timber frame barns stand on historic farmland. Spanning almost 60 acres, this venue gets its name from the several acres of lavender. This beautiful flower has been associated with weddings for years. We always love to see the lavender when we do events at Lavender Oaks. It helps you feel as though you have really arrived. Lavender represents serenity and devotion. Lavender Oaks gives the same feeling by hosting gorgeous weddings and receptions. Dow Oak has been a part of amplifying the feeling of luxury. We do this through professional hosting experience. This venue has been expanding over the years. It has many amenities to offer along with the scenic destination. We have seen this venue grow and have been happy to work with them as they spread their wings.

The Barns

Built in circa 1900, the Main Barn is the principal location for hosting weddings. This restored barn occupies 7,000 sq. ft and is adorned with rustic decor. The Main Barn stays true to the rural history of the farm while also providing elegance. It also contains an extra loft space and a separate retreat room that gives even more space to host. The space is ready for customization. Lavender Oaks offers a photo booth, ice cream vendor, and more to fill your space. We have great relationships with the vendors they support. Outside of the barn, enjoy the view of the lavender fields from the spacious patio. Perfect for cocktail hour and receptions. Accompanying the patio is a lovely gazebo and stone fireplace where guests can socialize in style. 

The newer Pavillion Barn offers a covered venue for those concerned about unpredictable weather. But this spot still gives that feeling of being in the forest tucked away from it all. The space is versatile and can transform from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. Both spaces offer something for everyone. No matter which you choose, Dow Oak can help you make the most out of your Lavender Oak experience. 

Why Choose Lavender Oaks?

We have been working alongside Lavender Oaks and have loved every second of it. They are always professional and provide an air of gravitas. Lavender Oaks provide so many amenities for us and for you. The barns have plenty of space for dancing and hosting large amounts of guests. We love to get the party started in such a classy spot. 

The best thing about going with Dow Oak and Lavender Oaks is that we already know how to make the most out of your experience. We know both spaces in and out. Every space is different. You would not have the same equipment needed for the Main Barn as the Pavillion Barn. You need a professional touch to make sure your music sounds the best it possibly can. Other services could find it difficult to fill the space and to match the vibe of Lavender Oak. We know how to keep you entertained while respecting the history and elegance of the Lavender Oaks venue.