Imagining Your Dream Wedding

When you imagine your dream wedding, what comes to mind? Standing in front of family and friends saying “I do,” your first dance as a married couple, or maybe even dashing joyfully through a tunnel of sparklers at the end of the night into your getaway car! 

You’ll think back on those special moments for the rest of your life, and you’ll proudly display your fave wedding photos throughout your home. And guess what’s right there, sitting in the background of ALL those photos? Yep. Your flowers! From the blooms at your ceremony to each table arrangement at your reception, your flowers need to withstand the test of time.

As you start planning your wedding, choosing and working with a floral designer should be at the top of your to-do list. Flowers capture you and your partner’s personality while setting the overall aesthetic of your big day. This can seem like a daunting task, but if you work with the right florist, your wedding day – and the photos – will turn out better than you could have imagined.

As farmer-florists who specialize in wedding design, we know exactly what you need to look for when hiring a wedding florist. Keep reading for our top five ways to find the perfect design team who will turn all your beautiful inspo pictures into stunning bespoke centerpieces and exquisite floral installations.


Bride holding a bouquet of flowers

Credit: Morgan Caddell Photography


1. Find a Floral Designer Who *Gets You*

To find a  floral designer who can bring all your dreams to life, start by asking for recommendations from the vendors you’ve already hired.  

Your venue or wedding planner will know which florists are the best of the best in your area, and they can also make recommendations based on who they’ve enjoyed working with in the past. Having a lineup of vendors who work harmoniously together is truly the secret sauce to making the planning experience fun and smooth. When your team is excited to work together, magic happens.

Credit: Samantha Floyd Photography

And of course, whether you’re aiming for a bohemian glam bash or a sophisticated southern affair, your vendors (as well as any recently married family and friends) can help direct you to florists who understand your overall style! Not sure of your wedding style? No problem! Take our quiz to find out!

This pretty much goes with saying, but be sure to thoroughly check out the Instagram profiles of any recommended floral designers. Does your aesthetic blend with what they’re showcasing? Can you see your dream wedding fitting in? Always be mindful of looking specifically for images of ‘real’ weddings (and not just styled shoots). Designing an entire wedding is much more involved than a styled shoot, and will give you a better idea of the designer’s overall style.

AND shameless plug alert—while you’re scrolling through insta, be sure to hop on over to our feed to see if we might be what you’re searching for 😉


2. Curate Inspiration (but don’t let it become overwhelming!)

Credit: Blissmore Photography

Pinterest and Instagram are GREAT resources for finding examples of what you love. 

But always remember that your wedding is a unique expression of your love, and a good floral designer will create one-of-a-kind florals just for you! So, don’t get too overwhelmed by what’s  online – try to limit yourself to five-ten inspiration photos. While these photos can be a good starting point, your florist should be asking questions about the overall vibe you want to capture on your wedding day.

He or she will want to know about the style of the bridesmaids dresses, ceremony start time, the color of the table linens, etc. We create floral designs based on your story – flowers are truly a reflection of your love and life together! 


Credit: Danell Beede Photography


3. Know Which Flowers are in Season

Credit: Boonetown Story

Set your expectations for seasonality. If you live in the South and have your heart set on a bouquet filled with peonies in August, chances are you’ll be paying a premium to fly them in from Alaska, since peonies are out of season in August in the south. And even if paying a premium for August peonies is in your budget there could be a crop failure the month before your wedding, or the specific color you want might not be available. Florist’s well-versed in seasonality will help you find beautiful, local, and seasonal flowers that will match your style and expectations

At Wild Flora Farm, we grow flowers and design florals specifically for weddings and events. If you’re having a May wedding, you can bet on bouquets full of our peonies. Planning your vows for October? Get ready for the dahlias of your dreams! No matter where you live, make sure you choose a florist who works with local flower farms. That way, you’ll have the freshest, most stunning blooms, and are supporting local agriculture!


4. Set a $$$ Expectation

Credit: Jenna Goetze of A.J. Dunlap Photography

Floral costs depend on a lot of factors, but a good rule of thumb is to set aside 10-20% of your overall wedding budget for florals. Why do flowers cost so much? Because you aren’t just paying for a single stem from your local supermarket. Some factors that add to the cost are:

  • Countless hours curating a proposal, growing and ordering top quality flowers, and designing each arrangement
  • Premium blooms from top wholesalers that are grown to last 
  • A fair wage for all the hard work of flower farmers
  • The price per stem depending on what type of flower it is and where it is grown
  • Hard-goods such as candles, vases, and various supplies needed for installations and picture-perfect ceremony backdrops
  • Labor needed for delivery, set-up, installation, and clean up (yes, we will be there at 1am clearing out the venue so you don’t have to!)

All of these add to a seamless overall experience for you and ensure a flawless and beautiful wedding!


Credit: Jenna Goetze of A.J. Dunlap Photography


5. Find a Florist Who Specializes in Wedding Design 

Credit: Bow Tie Collaborative

We’re wedding florists for a reason! We LOVE what we do. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the floral design should be professionally and flawlessly executed. 

Remember that the wedding planning and floral design process should be an exciting and fun way to express yourself creatively through blooms. Doing your research and setting expectations before hiring a wedding florist is the best way to make sure your wedding is the beautiful, flower-filled event of your dreams! 





Credit: Morgan Caddell Photography

About the Author

This post was written by The Barn of Chapel Hill at Wild Flora Farm. The Barn is a twenty-two acre family flower farm and floral design studio located 12 miles from downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We specialize in cut flowers and honey, floral workshops, and garden-inspired weddings and special events. Learn more on our website and contact us for a tour!