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Our Favorite Local Wedding Vendors

In this first part of a new series, we’re giving shout-outs to local vendors whom we’ve worked with and who’ve proven to be top-notch. So without further ado, we’re happy to write about Greensboro photographer Mike Micciche. We’ve done a couple of weddings with Micciche Photography and let me tell you: they were a blast. You can see it all over the photos. It’s so clear everyone was having an awesome time throwing down; you can feel those moments through the pictures. We firmly believe that a wedding is a cause for celebration, and through the photos, you can tell they were celebrations.

A Party in Summerfield

One of the first weddings we worked with Micciche Photography was a throw-down at one of our favorites, Summerfield Farms. We could go the route of our typical posts, but in this case we really think the pictures speak for themselves.     What I will say though: this wedding was great. We really don’t have enough awesome things to say about Summerfield Farms and Mike Micciche. And in this case, with a ceremony involving classic cars and a bridal party entering to TI… we knew it was gonna be a party. And Mike really was able to capture that spirit. With a dance party featuring Whitney Houston and the Isley Brothers, there was spirit to capture.   mike micciche summerfield farms reception gallery

Belly Dancing in Greensboro

The next event we worked together was a traditional Egyptian reception near downtown Greensboro. Featuring henna tattoos, Arabic hits, and even a belly dancer.  And the pictures turned out amazingly (especially the belly dancing, it seriously was awesome). When you look through the pictures, you can really see the way Mike Micciche was able to capture the spirit of this one too. Though these two weddings were very different, you can see the same level of expertise in both of the galleries. Here’s a taste:  

Some very cool henna tattoos


As promised, belly dancing

  greensboro belly dancing reception photos

Not pictured: us looking on in amazement


New Experiences

A Triad-based wedding and corporate event photographer, Mike Micciche’s been in the wedding business for almost 16 years (which is definitely a long time, kudos). He’s a busy man too, shooting wedding celebrations and corporate events of all kinds throughout the year. But it’s not just experience that makes for a great photographer. There’s the eye required to visualize a shot, but also the technical skill required to capture it. And you can definitely see all of that in every picture. We decided we wanted to see where the magic happens and dropped by Micciche studios. It was definitely an interesting peek behind the curtain. Not only do they have their own full studio, but there’s also a whole wing dedicated to professional hair and make-up. It’s always great to connect with other wedding vendors and see how the wheels turn. There’s so much that goes into every aspect of creating a unique wedding, so we love getting to see all sides. All in all, our experiences with Mike Micciche and Micciche Photography have been awesome. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for a great photographer in Greensboro, the Triad, or throughout North Carolina. See more of what he’s been up to here Final note, we leave you with this pic of a good boy holding onto the rings. Another great photo courtesy of Mike Micciche. (Though this little fella wasn’t at either of the weddings, this picture’s too good not to be included.)