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All-Around Awesome Venues

In our travels, we’ve seen a lot of wedding venues. From the beautiful to the backyard, we’ve run the gamut of North Carolina venues. So we wanted to share some of our experiences with venues we’ve deemed “All-Around Awesome.” And Forest Hall at Chatham Mills definitely fulfills that criteria.


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A Little About Them

Situated in a turn of the century mill, the entire Chatham Mills complex has no shortage of community character. From the adjacent local market co-op to the neighboring dance studio and local artisan shops, to say Chatham Mills is community-minded would be an understatement.

Also found here is the reason for this blog: Forest Hall. Settled on a 32 acre plot just outside downtown Pittsboro, they’ve clearly struck a good balance between “small town rustic” and “historic revival.” Coupling the natural surrounding land with the exposed painted brick, natural light, and open layout of the space itself makes for an all-around awesome venue.


Choices, choices, choices

nc forest hall weddingSpeaking of venue layouts, the freedom of choice with Forest Hall at Chatham Mills was something we also wanted to touch on. If naturalistic outdoor weddings and sycamore trees are what you’re going for, they’ve got you covered. It definitely makes for gorgeous photos and a very cool natural aesthetic.

Or if you’re more of an indoors person, there’s options for that as well. An indoor ceremony space against painted brick and lit through vintage awning windows? Definitely a very cool alternative to an outdoor wedding.

Having options is something we as DJs definitely appreciate. Weddings (or any event, for that matter) generally go better when there’s a degree of flexibility built in. That’s something we’ve learned through experience. Having options creates a smooth flow that rigidity just doesn’t. And that’s something that Forest Hall excels in. That combined with the top-notch staff has made every celebration we’ve been a part of go off without a hitch. Or one could say… because¬†of a hitch? Thanks, I’ll be here all week.


Repeat Customers

wedding reception dancing chatham We’ve been to Forest Hall at Chatham Mills a few times in the the last year. And every celebration we’ve helped create there has been awesome. We’ve been involved in crafting background atmosphere and also involved in creating complete ragers. From low-key family celebrations to crazy dance parties. And from piano-themed ceremonies to disco receptions. And every wedding we’ve done there we’ve remembered fondly.

With all those fond memories we can confidently say: we can’t wait to go back. Maybe we’ll look into booking a little time at that dance studio and add interpretive dancing to our repertoire…



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Forest Hall at Chatham Mills

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