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greensboro weddings

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A cool perk of being in this business is the ability to travel around and be a part of celebrations all over. And we’re out and about so much, sometimes it’s easy to forget there are great venues right down the road! Though we love traveling, we have a soft spot for all Greensboro weddings.

We love Greensboro weddings not only because they’re where we got our start, but because we legitimately believe them to be some of the best in the state. And Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast is definitely on our favorite venues list.

When you have an awesome venue, it feels like everything else just falls into place. And when everything is running smoothly, you know it’s gonna be a good wedding.

We absolutely had a blast here. We were in charge of cocktail hour and reception, and it can safely be said it went off without a hitch. And the song selection for reception moments from the bride and groom were a big reason for this. When couples choose songs that not only are awesome in their own right, but mean something to them, you can just tell. And that’s the story of the music that night.

We could see everyone quietly boogieing in their seats at dinner to the Rat Pack-style playlist, and that energy only grew throughout the night. And with Miles Davis and Louie Armstrong providing first dance music, everyone could feel the cool, jazzy vibes.

“WE LOVE DOW OAK EVENTS!!!!! People said they had the BEST time dancing and that meant the WORLD to us!”

Peak Energy

greensboro weddings

dow oak greensboro reception

And once it was time to dance, the energy growth reached its zenith. Opening the dance floor with Santana and Flo Rida really got people in the mood to party. Then throughout the night we peppered in our own songs with hits chosen by the couple, from Lonely Island to the Backstreet Boys.

No dance party is ever the same. They all have their own individualized factors that make them unique. And that’s something that’s cool to witness as a wedding DJ. The ways that couples put their own spins on time-honored traditions is an amazing thing to be a part of. And it really comes out when the bride and groom request songs that are not only meaningful to them, but to their family and friends. Seeing everyone’s excitement when a song drops that they all used to get down to years ago is an unparalleled feeling.



Vendor Team

Double Oaks Bed & Breakfast

Jill McAllister with Honeybee Occasions

Adam Gruchacz

Justin and Beth Nixon with Nixon Studios

Michael with Maria’s Catering

Dow Oak Events

Clark with Plants and Answers
(336) 274-8933



Final Thoughts

And as a final note, we just need to say… We absolutely love what we do. Being a part of the unique and personal ways couples celebrate is why we do it. And we loved being a part of this celebration. It’s always awesome to see how couples choose to celebrate.

In conclusion, we’ve learned that being a wedding DJ in Greensboro isn’t just about playing the music. So we take our role seriously. Facilitating such a big day is a serious job! That’s why we always give every wedding or event our all.


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