Smack dab in the center of the American Tobacco District in Durham, NC, sits Bay 7, a spectacular event venue that honors the deep agricultural legacy of the tobacco industry in the area, while keeping its feet firmly rooted in the present. In fact, Bay 7 is a registered historic site, and one of our very favorite venues for reasons that will become as clear as day! 

It’s Gorgeous Darling… Gorgeous!

Our first reason is purely aesthetic! The history of the area is alive in Bay 7’s stunning exposed brick walls, gorgeous hardwood floors & beams and the bare steel girders on display, which gives the space so much character, while still allowing it to pretty much be a blank slate! Seriously, you can dress this space up anyway you want, and it’s going to look gorgeous! Dramatic? Fabulous! Romantic and draped in silk?! Fantastic! Classic and Minimalist? Excellent! Draping the entire space in twinkle lights?! Sounds magical! You get the drift, Bay 7 is a space with beautiful fixtures and features, but also a fresh canvas that’s ready to reflect your ideas and creativity!

That Dance Floor Though…

Our second reason to love Bay 7 is purely selfish! Music is our passion and our profession and we absolutely LOVE to see guests let loose and dance the night away at parties! All parties! From weddings, to anniversary parties, to birthday parties, to corporate events or fundraisers… Bay 7 is an amazing space for shaking your groove thang!  They even offer staging, if you want to elevate your entertainment experience! Ba-dum-bum-ch!!

Bring Your Appetite!

Our third reason to love Bay 7 is a delicious one! Seriously, the food here is fantastic and prepared by Angus Barn Catering, which is led by multi-award winning Executive Chef Walter J. Royal! Having an in house chef takes all the pressure out of hiring a caterer! There are no unknowns. You can trust the food is going to be exceptional, and what is even more exceptional is that Angus Barn is a proud supporter of the NC agriculture industry; as such, you will find that many of the ingredients are grown and harvested right here in the great state of North Carolina! Local, and delicious! We think that’s extraordinary! After all, a well fed guest is a happy guest! And, after dinner, your guests can use all that energy to take a few spins (or more) around the dance floor! 

But Wait, There’s even More!

Now for our final reason to love Bay 7! There are so many amenities included in your rental! Including enough round tables and black folding chairs to seat 400, black or white table linens, a selection of non-floral centerpieces, all the glassware, silverware and dishes you’ll need, catering/serving equipment and quality Hi-Fi Audio visual equipment on site! The more amenities included, the better for your bottom line! 

Give Bay 7 a call and secure your date! Who knows? We might just see you on the dance floor!