reception getting down dance party time

“Oh my goodness. I can’t tell you how AMAZING my DJ, Ryan Green and his assistant Kameron Utterback of Dow Oak Events were at my wedding. Seriously, they kept the party alive the WHOLE NIGHT. They played EXACTLY what I wanted without me having to ask twice. I asked for the artist James Arthur to play for my cocktail hour (Not many people know who he is outside of his one song).
The very first song played was by him, and I look over, and both of them and they were both vibing out just as much as I was. The music was the most important part of my night. Considering I was a dance major in college and about 1/3 of the guests there were also dance/cheer/theater majors.
So we were looking to have a good time and dance the night away. Ryan did not disappoint. He was also very good about making sure things happened as smoothly as possible and how my husband and I wanted. I would recommend them 10/10 times!!!
Their website also made it VERY easy for me to make sure the timeline and order of events were perfect. It is very user-friendly. The price was exactly right. I honestly got so lucky with them! Thank you, Ryan and Kameron!!” –Google

Attention to Detail

getting low bride partyNothing hypes us up more than a truly satisfied client. That’s what we live for! It is a pleasure for us to make sure that every little detail is perfect. We really do have a good time doing it. And this wedding was SO much fun! You can see the class, beauty, love, excitement, and FUN in all the photos. We’re very happy to have been able to be there for all that! This was an unforgettable night for so many.

Class and Style

reception dance partyAlright ladies and gentlemen, let’s look at how classy and downright fly this bridal party is. They looked magnificent! We were at the Cotton Room in Raleigh, and the ambiance worked so well with the venue décor! Everyone looked and played the part, so we are giving everyone a round of applause!

And to the Bride and Groom themselves… Look at how amazing you guys are! Remember how many people showed up to help celebrate the joining of two lives. None of this would have been possible without you two. And of course, congratulations! You both will have these memories forever. And all who attended will have their share as well. Keep being fabulous!



Vendor Team

The Cotton Room
807 E Main St
Bldg 2 Rm 350
Durham, NC 27701

Wedding Planner
Kylah Howard
The Cotton Room

Alex Travis
Photographer and Videographer
George Street Photo/Video

Triangle Catering Company
Cake Baker/Decorator Publix – Bradford Plaza (919) 460-2090

Florist Floral Dimensions Beatrix Miller (919) 493-1593



Final Thoughts

So say everyone “danced the night away” would be an understatement. There was so much dancing we almost couldn’t believe it. But that’s definitely something that we love to see.

And as a final note, we just need to say… We absolutely love what we do. Being a part of the unique and personal ways couples celebrate is why we do it. And we loved being a part of this celebration. It’s always awesome to see how couples choose to celebrate. 

We’ve learned that being a wedding DJ In Raleigh isn’t just about playing music. So we take our role seriously. Facilitating such a big day is a serious job! That’s why we always give every wedding or event our all.