Summerfield Farms may be near the town, but it could not feel further from it. You will be transported when you attend this venue. The gorgeous views and rolling hills make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. The natural landscape includes charming barns, intimate cottages and cabins, and outdoor patios. Dow Oak loves to host events at Summerfield Farms since they have such a caring and beautiful environment. 

A Working Farm

So many venues on farmland have transitioned to only hosting events. They have moved away from the original idea of being a functioning farm that also hosts events. There is no problem with that, but there is a certain charm to having the farm still running. Summerfield  Farms pride themselves on hosting cattle and still running a working farm. This makes it even better when you choose them for your catering. You can get an amazing farm to table meal that is both delicious and authentic. The grass fed beef is ethically sourced and has an amazing taste to go with it. We always come hungry whenever we are DJing events at Summerfield Farms!

The Barns

With two barns to choose from, you cannot go wrong with Summerfield Farms. The Original Barn is a classy, upscale take on the classic barn. It provides plenty of photo opportunities with such a rustic sheek interior. On the immaculate back deck area, there is a silo that has been repurposed. This unique area is a great conversation starter and will be a hit at your wedding. The Original Barn really pops when it gets dark out. You cannot beat how beautiful it is on the deck at night. We love all of the exposed wood and decor that lends itself to a memorable experience.

The Pole Barn is more for those who are looking for a true country style wedding experience. It leans more into the rustic than sheek, but finds a way to keep it elegant. This pavilion style barn is more open air and helps you feel at one with nature. We love to DJ out there because of how open concept it is. We get the feeling of feeling like family as your guests can explore the open spaces. 

Why Choose Summerfield Farms?

Long story short, Summerfield Farms has a lotta bit of everything. We love to work with them because they are so good at being inclusive. Summerfield Farms cultivate celebration. We are a part of that cultivation. It is always refreshing to work with venues that are on the same page as you. And of course we go for the food too! The two barns need a professional DJ to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. These unique spaces need an experienced team to know exactly what you need to be successful. Dow Oak has hosted several times at Summerfield Farms. We have the setup at these barns down to an art. By going with Dow Oak and Summerfield Farms, you know that you are getting a great combo that will keep your guests entertained. We strive to cultivate the celebration right alongside Summerfield Farms.