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“We’d read great things about Dow Oak Events, and it’s no wonder! So many people had so many good things to say about them so we had very high expectations. And they went above and beyond them! Not only were they professional and courteous, they had evvveryone dancing! We’d happily tell anyone thinking about hiring a DJ to go with Dow Oak Events.” –The Knot

Everybody Dancing

A huge thank you to this great team of vendors that provided all of the services to make the perfect wedding day for Ashley and Stephen Terranova. It was a great day at Summerfield Farms (when is it not in Greensboro though?).

break dancingLibby was able to capture every memory with her artistic abilities (can we take a second to refer to this picture of the guy break dancing… I wish I could do that!). All the way from a bagpipe ceremony to a choreographed father/daughter dance (thank you Ashley and Randall), there was enough excitement to last a lifetime.

To top it all off, there was not one single music request, leaving the dance floor open 100% for Dow Oak song selections, and you can trust that is always a great decision! Giving us creative freedom is a sure-fire way to get everyone on the dance floor.

Some of the Best Vendors Around

wedding party in the woodsWe always love working with Summerfield Farms. We’ve had nothing but amazing experiences, and this time was definitely no different.

And we just have to talk about the cake.

We know Maxie B’s is always phenomenal. But this cake definitely took it to a new level. People couldn’t get enough of it. Even we wanted seconds. A cake that good isn’t something that happens every day (trust us).



Vendor Team

Summerfield Farms

Libby McGowan of Libby McGowan Photography


Jesse Ashe with Carolina Story

Above and Beyond

Maxie B’s

Advance Florist

Dow Oak Events

Prettiest Pieces Lounge Rentals



Final Thoughts

So many things came together to make this a seriously memorable wedding. The cake, the venue, the other vendors… But what made it so memorable for us was the music. We take a lot of pride in what we do. And having complete creative control lets us showcase that perfectly.

And as a final note, we just need to say… We absolutely love what we do. Being a part of the unique and personal ways couples celebrate is why we do it. And we loved being a part of this celebration. It’s always awesome to see how couples choose to celebrate.

We’ve learned that being a wedding DJ in Greensboro isn’t just about playing the music. So we take our role seriously. Facilitating such a big day is a serious job! That’s why we always give every wedding or event our all.



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